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For FY24, the $1.2 billion county budget grew by $16 million. The tax increase by the county government for the General Fund was 18.02% higher than the full rollback rate.

Our Communities Make Cobb Home

The strength of our great county lies with diverse communities. We share common challenges with unique identities. County leaders must respect that diversity and help it flourish. We don't need to make one part of the county resemble another. We need to empower our communities to thrive.

Communities Make Cobb County Home

The county is recommending a 30-year, $11 billion sales tax to fund bus rapid transit and a rideshare app in Cobb County. The question will be on the November 2024 ballot.

You are the most important person in Cobb

Congested roads, high taxes, and a yearning for a sense of community: your frustrations with our county government are the same as Kay. Her vision is simple: re-invest in people, helping them find their path to prosperity right here in Cobb.

Communities Make Cobb County Home

Kay for Cobb Chair

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