“The legitimate object of government is to do for a community of people whatever they need to have done, but can not do at all, or can not so well do, for themselves – in their separate, and individual capacities.”

Abraham Lincoln

Why Cobb's Communities Matter

South Cobb

The southern region of Cobb County is the cornerstone of Cobb County, “a diamond in the rough”.
The beauty of South Cobb lies within its diverse communities, each with unique aspirations but sharing a common desire for recognition and progress and not being overlooked.

South Cobb leads the way with communities eager to address food and banking disparities in the Six Flags/Riverside corridor. South Cobb holds a beacon of hope for positive change for each of its communities. This change requires leadership that actively listens and learns from the communities it serves.

I have the vision of what South Cobb CAN and WILL become under my leadership. Residents deserve the self-determination to craft the blueprint of their future - a future where their aspirations for their families and their communities will become the cornerstone of a thriving Cobb County.

West Cobb

West Cobb is a group of communities at a crossroads. Tranquil green spaces and rich cultural heritage are under pressure from unchecked growth and development. Individuals deeply rooted in the community, who fear the loss of the very essence that makes West Cobb special, are taking action. Traffic congestion, escalating property taxes, and the erosion of our close-knit community spirit are not just challenges, but a call to action for those who hold the future of this area dear.

Together, we can steer West Cobb towards a future that harmonizes progress with our cherished values. Imagine a West Cobb where balanced growth enhances rather than disrupts, where our green spaces flourish amidst modern conveniences, and where every voice shapes the policies affecting our daily lives. We can turn our shared aspirations into a vibrant reality, ensuring that the West Cobb we love not only endures but thrives for generations to come.

North Cobb

North Cobb is constantly having to face the struggles of overwhelming traffic, concerns over the future of their children's education, and a changing society. These individuals are not just witnesses to the challenges of modern life, but are the key players in shaping a brighter future. Their daily experiences of balancing work, family, and community concerns reflect a deep-seated desire for a harmonious life where their hard work and family values are celebrated, not compromised.

We can reclaim precious hours lost to traffic, empower schools that nurture and excel, and develop a vision for a community that grows in harmony with its residents' aspirations. It is our time to take a bold step towards reclaiming the joys of family life and a prosperous local economy. This is our moment to build neighborhoods that withstand the test of time in an ever changing society.

East Cobb

East Cobb prides itself on preserving community character, educational standards, and peaceful living. However, there is a deep seated worry about the growing pressures of a national economy that almost makes it impossible to maintain our way of life. Schools face overcrowding, roads are congested, and the unique identity we share is changing too rapidly to absorb. Overdevelopment is real and problematic.

We needn't let overdevelopment be our destiny, though. We can collectively demand financial stability, enhanced property values, and the preservation of East Cobb's unique identity. Our active involvement in our county government is not just a long-held tradition, it is a significant step in building a future where Cobb County thrives, championing community-led progress.

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